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Who gets to discuss America’s racial issues on Fox News: Five white people.


    Who gets to discuss America’s racial issues on Fox News: 
    Five white people.

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    hisroyalhighnessmalik replied to your post: you-cant-sitwith-us asked:I’m lik…

    She’s taken. Sorry.


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    Me lol.

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  Hans Zatzka (1859-1945)

      Hans Zatzka (1859-1945)

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    i accidentally messed up my life how do i start a new account

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    you-cant-sitwith-us asked: I'm like 99.7% sure you're the type of person I wanna be besties with. (The last .3% stemming from the fact that you probably live on the opposite side of the planet from me)

    Where do you live? : o

    let’s be friends DISTANCE CAN’T STOP THIS LOVE

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    jesus h

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crop top movement part II


    crop top movement part II

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    Satisfying things

    being a human is so weird

    This feels so good to my brain